Fitting a Reversing Camera – Part 6

MG ZT Rover 75 Car Reversing Rear Camera Connecting Pins. 

These are the connections you will need to connect a reversing camera to your Highline head unit so that when you select reverse gear the camera image will automatically be displayed on your screen. 

These are the 3 terminal ends to add to the blue and white plugs on the tv box and a female RCA socket that is usually required to connect to most cameras which have an RCA output. You will need to supply any additional materials and wiring and be competent to make a soldered connection.

I have made this mod to my MG ZT and had to buy a minimum order quantity with a delivery charge from Germany making the 3 pins i needed very expensive so selling the surplus. The small profit i make goes towards reducing the original cost of buying these pins!

For sale on eBay at ……

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