Fitting a Reversing Camera – Part 2

Wiring up to the Camera:-

Pull away cable trunking

I’d read on the forums that threading the camera wires through the boot lid trunking can be very tricky.

I pulled the trunking out from each end to find that the existing wires to the number plate lamp still left a lot of space for the camera plug. The awkward bit was getting it started around a 90deg bend on the trunking. Once past that it was just a matter of gently threading the plug through the trunk to out the other side.

TIP:- spray some silicone spray into the trunk – it makes it alot easier.

Feeding camera wires into the rubber trunking

I used a stiff wire to find a route through the innards of the boot lid and body then taped the camera wires to it and pulled them through to and from the trunking.

Refit trunking – check arrows pointing upwards

I plugged the cables into the camera leads and taped the wires to the inside of the boot lid to keep them from rattling around and replaced the cover. So this stage is done and not as hard as I thought it would be.

Taping wires to boot lid

Next stage (part 3) to connect the trigger relay to the reverse light feed wires ready to plug into the video unit looms.

This stage completed

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