Fitting a Reversing Camera – Part 4

Soldering the Pins:-

“The Missing Link” …… At last the pins arrived and I was a bit surprised as to how small they are! If you buy 13100 of them on a reel they cost next to nothing each ….. but if you only want 3 then with postage costs they must work out to be worth their weight in gold!

I had some old RCA phono plugs in a drawer so I cut a socket off with about 6″ of cable still attached to it.

Theoretically the pins can just be crimped to the wire ends but I added a small bit of solder to make sure I had a good connection. So one pin is connected to the centre core the other pin to the shielding earth wire of the short cable. These will be the video input connectors from the camera soon to be fitted into the white plug of the video/tv unit.

The third pin is soldered to a short length of wire to be fitted to the blue plug from the trigger relay.

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