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  1. Good morning Mr Steeve, I am Portuguese and I live in Portugal. I have a Rover 75 Tourer, I already had to replace the ECU. How can I buy the Plain Drain / Shield / Guard / Protector Filte R / By Jules.
    How many parts are needed? (Left hand wheel)
    Can you help me.
    Thank you


    1. Hi, can tell me how put isofix,have pics position? I bougth same picture and not understand how to fit


      1. You need to take the seat base out and place the bracket between the base and the back rest. There is a wiring loom close to where the bracket sits so put some extra protection around it to ensure no damage or scafing to the wires.
        To remove the back seat you must pull it up at the front edge and unlatch the 2 lower grips. You need a long piece of wood to re hook the seat onto the lower latches when re fitting.
        You may be able to fit the isofix bracket without removing lower latches.


  2. Hi Steve, with the BM54 modification can you tell me which car the housing which fits the BM54 came from? Was it a facelift Rover 75?


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