Parts to make a ULF loom for the MG ZT – part 1

The ULF plug

Managed to get all the parts and a ULF loom which will be modified to fit to the ZT …. this will install the bluetooth telephone option as used on the bmw cars of the time.

The microphone

The ULF box that makes it all work is on its way from Latvia …….

The BMW Universal Hands Free module that adds the telephone feature to the car

Important: before you buy a ULF module read this ……

The bluetooth aerial

Now to follow the very informative instructions I found on the Internet forums to join all these parts together to make the necessary loom to make it all work see ……

and on the right a bm24 to bm54 adapter

Apart from the loom and ULF above you also need to upgrade the head unit to the 16:9 widescreen, the sat nav box to a mk4 and the radio unit to a BM54. For information about these previous projects see ……

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