Pairing and using the ULF phone – part 5

Pairing was a bit tricky but once I fully understood the instructions then it worked no problem.

Telephone option appears on the menu

To pair the phone to the car:-

Turn Bluetooth on the phone and set to show to all or scan.

Then whilst still holding the pairing button turn on ignition to stage 1 (radio etc)

Keep pressing pairing button for further 3 seconds minimum …..

Release pairing button,

ULF should beep

The display should say “pairing”

Turn on search for bt devices on the phone, it should now find the ULF “BMWXXXXXX”

Insert the ULF code printed on the ULF box label onto the phone

Accept (on phone)

You should hear a beep to confirm pairing

Turn off ignition to save pair on ULF

Next time you turn on ignition wait 30s up to 2 minutes whilst your phone automatically pairs with your phone …. a bit slower than our modem cars!!

The directory loaded from my phone…… but was a long wait

Early days but all seems to be working OK ….. I will keep this post updated with any problems.

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