ULF telephone system installed – part 4

To support the ULF module I shaped a piece of aluminium sheet to look like a short length of angle iron. This was then wedged into the bottom of the video box support bracket. The ULF rested on this and held in place by a cable tie wrapped around both the video and ULF boxes – as seen in the photo.

Spare wheel well in the 260 – the ULF is strapped to the video module.

The microphone cable was plenty long enough to take across the boot floor to the rear door frames then along inside the door rubbers to the front interior light. The light units are designed to take the bmw microphone that clicks in place into a ready made slot.

The circle is where the bmw microphone clips into place

The bluetooth aerial was located just under the rear shelf inside the car which seems an ideal location.

Initially i had the pairing button loosely placed on the front seat whilst I was pairing the device but have left it coiled up in the boot well as it is only really required to a pair a new phone – once paired each phone will automatically pair when entering the car after its initial pairing.

Just a point that I thought it best to disconnect the battery whilst doing all this – remembering to make sure the sat nav light was extinguished.

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