Classic Car Weekly – 4/1/2023

MG ZT V8(2003-05)
It might be a saloon but it’s
the nearest you’ll get to a
modern-day equivalent to the
much-missed MGB GT V8. Like
its ancestor, it’s powered by a
lumping great V8 of US origin,
and was built in tiny numbers
during an all-too-brief
production run. The ZT V8 is a
magnificent car to drive thanks
to a well-developed rear-
wheel drive chassis, although
you’ll pay for it through the
nose when it comes to the
pumps. Nearly all cars built
are accounted for, and owners
rarely part with them

Classic Car Weekly

The ZT V8 never really
dipped in price in the
way that its four- and
six-cylinder cousins did
but firm prices look set to
remain that way despite
that with modest rises
set for the foreseeable.
Next year sees the 20th
anniversary of the launch
of the V8, so expect MG
Rover fans with a few quid
to spare to be on the hunt
for the best examples

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Classic Car Weekly

An interesting little article but not quite sure what the values are based on but from the “for sale” prices I’ve seen over the last couple of years it can vary greatly depending on mileage and whether SE or Rover. Although it can reliably assumed that the actual selling price would less than the asking price in most cases.

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