Ibus clock installed

Time and date now added to the lower screen

After connecting the 3 wires to the module and a 3 pin plug – I then connected it up to the lead I had installed a few weeks ago for the Navcoder interface.

Ibus clock module ready to install

It was a simple matter of plug and play so when all connected up I was keen to test it. I switched on the sat nav and on MAPS lower screen was the time and date ……. so all working.

The clock module located in position

It may seem a lot of effort to display the time and date but it also displays the ETA – Estimated Time of Arrival. When a route is selected the ETA is displayed on the DIRECTIONS screen ….. although not tested this as yet.

The boot well now looking a bit crowded

A nice little module and very pleased with the results ……. the guy to contact to supply one of these is Duncan on the 75 ZT Forum.

See previous post for more info at …… https://mgzt.info/2022/12/19/rare-ibus-clock-tracked-down/

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