Rare IBUS clock tracked down

When I upgraded the sat nav to the mk4 box I got a great improvement in its usability with being able to use up to date maps, TMC (traffic management) and perspective. One thing that’s missing is ETA – estimated arrival time. This is because the MG ZT and Rover 75 use an independent analogue clock not an integrated digital clock that the sat nav can interrogate the times within the system.

A few years back one of the 75&ZT OC forum club members produced such a clock that was wired into the ibus loom that talked to the sat nav providing the means for time and ETA to be displayed on the screen.

The ibus clock as delivered – it comes with a box

Since then these units are now very rare but I recently found that a member of the 75 ZT Community forum now produces them to order. I have been fortunate to be able to buy one of these modules.

Many thanks to Duncan of the 75 ZT Community Forum. See the post relating to these clocks at …… https://www.75ztcommunity.co.uk/clock-module-to-give-arrival-time-t7194-100.html?hilit=Ibus%20clock#p95285

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