Twin Horns Issue

After reading the article from the 260s blog about the twin horns at ….. I thought I would add this to the jobs list to do when I eventually take the front bumper off.

MGZT born and loom

I didn’t realise that even though the ZTs only had the single horn that it was the lower note horn ……. the 75s had the high note horn. So when I saw a set of horns with the twin horn loom for sale on ebay at a reasonable price I bidded and won.

Close up of the part no …… and it’s the HIGH NOTE horn.

Again after reading the 260s blog post i wasn’t sure which horn i had – the low note or high note horn? After checking part numbers I could confirm I had bought the high note horn so got the correct part. So now on my list of jobs when I do get round to taking the front bumper off.

Your comments:-

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