Voice Control in the MG ZT at last!

I was always a bit confused about how and what the ibus system did and how. But when I saw the “live screen” tracking all the messages flying around the ibus system from all the different modules sharing their status … it seemed to all fall in place.

Laptop with Navcoder sitting on a piece of wood and connected to the ibus system via the modBMW interface.

Each time a module/ecu anywhere around the car does something or switched on/off etc it sends a message/ signal into the ibus system with a code telling all the other connected ecu’s what it has just done.

Connected into the system

Each module/ecu around the car is programmed to do a job but they will also react to a particular signal/message when it receives a signal which is going round the ibus system/wire.

Telephone coding for voice control

My main reason for setting up NavCoder is to enable voice control. It took several attempts to get it done but got there eventually. Now to get a voice control button mounted on the dash.

Navigation control coding

Not a lot of changes required on the Navigation coding screen.

TV control coding

A popular change is to enable TV IN MOTION on the TV coding screen – although not legally allowed in most countries.

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