Navcoder Interface Drivers

I have downloaded the navcoder software/program onto my laptop …. paid for the license. Bought an interface adapter to connect my laptop from modBMW. Connected up the 3 wires from the interface into the car media loom. Put the laptop in the car switched it all on but all I got on the screen was a warning “NO COM PORT AVAILABLE”!

I thought it was going to be Plug and Play but not the case ….. I thought the interface adapters came ready programed. bridge-vcp-drivers?tab=downloads

After some more Internet research I realised I need to download a driver for the interface adapter which came from the website address shown in the photos ……. once installed all worked OK – and no warning message when I ran NavCoder program again.

Downloaded and then installed the software

Now to connect up to the car and hopefully I should be able to activate voice control ………

An interesting article where the author had a similar problem as me – quote:-

……. When I plugged in the Resler interface to my old Dell laptop, I was prompted by WinXP to install drivers for it, but the system couldn’t find any. So I went to Silicon Labs’ website to download the drivers (as specified on Resler’s previous website). After un-zipping the downloaded file, I put it in C:DELL\drivers and clicked on “CP210xVCPInstaller_x86”, which installed the drivers.

From ……

Your comments:-

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