MGZT Spare Wheel Well Leak!

I know I have a leak from one of the rear windscreen fittings but surprised that accounted for all the water that accumulates in the wheel well when it rains. To track how it gets into the wheel well I have lined it with tissues to get an idea from where the water is coming from.

Tissues to track where the water is getting into the wheel well

When stationary just a few drops seem to accumulate in an empty sweet tin I have placed below the leaking fitting but if I am drive whilst its raining I can get a cup full of water in the wheel well after just a couple of miles – so I am suspecting the rusty bung in the bottom corner of the wheel well is the culprit as it seems to be not fully sitting correctly and at an angle.

Rusty bung in wheel well

I have painted kurust over this bung inside and underside then covered the underside again with a thick layer of underseal. So now for another drive in the rain to test …… don’t think I’ll have to wait long!