Replacement Handbrake Compensater

The handbrake compensater cable – one end that wraps around the handbrake quadrant the other end to a divider connected to both the handbrake cables going to each rear wheel.

Due to years of incorrect adjustment of the handbrake causes this shorter compensater cable to stretch taking up all the available adjustment on the thread. This means no further adjustment is possible making that handbrake having to be pulled up higher and losing its efficiency …….. and failing mot.

Apparently the original type of compensater is not available anymore but a good alternative is available from the bmw mini ……. but there are 2 types as shown in the photo. I had read various posts and was confused as to which one is to be used – it seems like both have been used even though one is about 30mm longer than the other.

The general consensus – and I have been assured by a member of the 260 forum – that the longer cable is the better version as it has a better pivoting arrangement. This is the one on the right hand side of the photo.

Now ……. just got to fit it ……… which apparently is not an easy job!