Can You Mix Different Anti-Freeze with Each Other? – Mechanic Base

Many drivers are unsure about mixing the two brands because the ingredients are different.

Most antifreeze products use ethylene glycol as the main coolant base. The green/yellow color found in most antifreeze is due to the use of silicates, but new antifreeze variants made from organic acids give an orange or pink color.If you mix one of the two variants, you reduce the corrosive properties of the antifreeze and there is a risk of damage to your engine.

I found this article from the research I have done just recently due to my ZT showing to have very little active antifreeze that:-

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Generally all antifreeze should be ethylene glycol based with no methanol content which most are.

Antifreeze containing IAT corrosion control is ideally suited for classic cars like my MGB. It can also be used for modern cars but not mixed with OAT type corrosion control solutions ie. for topping up.

Antifreeze containing OAT type corrosion control should only be used on modern cars – not on classic cars. Do not top up with IAT based solutions.

If in doubt check your car handbook for the correct antifreeze for you engine.