Using NavCoder

Freely available for many years and popular with BMW enthusiasts, NavCoder software allows the user to program (configure) navigation computers, telephone control units (TCUs), daytime running lights, and other devices and settings. Running on Windows only (not Apple OS), NavCoder can “see” any device that communicates on your car’s i-bus (such as your radio).

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What made this article particularly relevant to my experience is …… When I plugged in the Resler interface to my old Dell laptop, I was prompted by WinXP to install drivers for it, but the system couldn’t find any. So I went to Silicon Labs’ website to download the drivers (as specified on Resler’s previous website). After un-zipping the downloaded file, I put it in C:DELL\drivers and clicked on “CP210xVCPInstaller_x86”, which installed the drivers.

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