IBUS interface – modBMW

IBUS interface is an IBUS to USB interface, it doesn’t offer any other features, but allows an USB device to be able to read and transmit digital telegrams on a LIN-BUS based network.

This IBUS interface uses one of the best integrated circuits for its USB communication (CP2102) and for IBUS telegrams transceiving (TH3122), which guarantees a this guarantees the highest level of communication quality and simple integration into your car.

No drivers are usually needed, since almost all modern operating systems come with an pre-installed driver for the USB integrated circuit CP2102.

IBUS interface is compatible with all of the I-BUS and K-BUS related software applications available on the market including Navcoder required to modify some of the bmw modules fitted to the MG ZT and Rover 75 cars.


I’ll be using this to check that the voice control is activated on the ULF module and also to set up an ibus clock if I can find one.

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