For Sale – Rover 75 V8 / MGZT 260 V8

for sale a really interesting car. It is the Prototype Rover 75 V8 (Vin 185) that is actually registered as a ZT260 SE in Damson Red.  This was the car that MG used to sell the 75 V8 project. Quite a few who are reading this with know the Rover 75 V8 is a rare car and was built by MG/Rover using the 4.6 mustang engine. I have owned both the ZT260 and 75 V8 and I think the engine actually suits the Auto much better.

It was used for testing and development (photos attached).   On the demise of MG/Rover it was sold to Browns and Gammons (B&G) who subsequently sold it to the first owner who I knew through membership of the ZT260’s forum. B&G sold it with a fantastic caveat of a letter that the car was a prototype and so no g’tee was with the car, that was in 2006 (letter attached).

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