Mustang Underdrive Pulleys | Steeda & ASP

Steeda Underdrive Pulleys

Steeda’s underdrive pulleys slow down accessory speed by about 25% reducing parasitic accessory drag on the engine. This drag reduction results in an increase of up to 10 horsepower and increased gas mileage! Get back the horsepower and torque your belt driven accessories steal and start enjoying better performance and gas mileage today!

ASP Underdrive Pulley Red Aluminum Pulleys

These ASP underdrive pulleys reduce the amount of power needed to drive external engine accessories, thus increasing engine horsepower. These ASP Red Billet Aluminum Underdrive Pulleys (822125) typically increase horsepower by 12-15 while also increasing mileage by 2-3 MPG.

Features and Benefits: 
– Increased Horsepower
– Reduced Drag
– Added Detail
– 25% Underdrive Crank
– 15% Underdrive Water Pump
– 2.5-inch Alternator
– 950 RPM Full Charge
– Simple Install with Basic Hand Tools

When you replace factory-sized crank and accessory drive pulleys with a resized pulley, the accessories are slowed. This results in more horsepower available to the drive wheels. These street pulleys are made of billet aluminum, come in a red finish and are designed to exceed factory quality. 

ASP Underdrive Pulleys

Set Includes: 
– (1) 25% Crank Pulley
– (1) 15% Water Pump Pulley
– (1) 2 1/2″ Alternator Pulley
– Installation Hardware

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