Upgrading to voice control – trying to!

I am now searching to find out how to activate voice control. Not sure if this is really possible as I’ve only found one instance on the various mg rover forums where someone has achieved this.

The first stage is to upgrade the “ULF MODULE” to a “ULF MIT SES” module – this is the description on the module label. The “mit ses” means with voice control.

Based on the voice control instructions the button to activate the voice control is located on the steering wheel but there is a similar button on the centre console with the same label that is used for pairing phones into the system.

Some useful links …… https://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/82781-ulf-confusion/ Based on this article it seems as though the software inside the ULF needs to be switched on for voice control.

Whilst at the NEC Classic Car Show at the ZED Register stand I was recommended to look at an extremely interesting article on Austin Garages website where Nick Bonthrone has set up voice control on a customers ZT. See …… http://www.austingarages.co.uk/featured_car.html