Rear Windscreen Leak Repair – MG ZT / Rover 75

Loose windscreen trim fixing
Area where leak occurring

It is a common problem for leaks around the lower edge of the rear windscreen. The usual reason is that the rear windscreen trim fittings work loose and water finds a way round them through their fitting holes into the boot. Ultimately filling the spare wheel well with water causing havoc with any electrical equipment located there.

Captain Tolley to the rescue
Several liberally spread applications – then wipe away excess

After making some enquiries on the usual forums asking for some advice as to a cure it was suggested I tried to “soak” the fittings with a liberal dose of Capt. Tolley that worked for him. The alternative is to remove the windscreen trim and replace the fittings with new ….. risking bending the trim. Thought I’d get the Capt.Tolley method first.

Good stuff

Well after several heavy rain storms and several washes so far so good ……. fingers crossed. It was also suggested to repeat the procedure annually.