MG ZT 16:9 Widescreen Head Unit

The finished project now with 2020 maps, working TMC and perspective map view. The only thing I haven’t got is the post code input but that depends on the map disc ….. which I shall look out for one on ebay.

At I last found a good head unit which was sold as “perfect” condition ….. and I was not disappointed.

I also checked it was working in perfect condition by plugging it in to the loom and tested it prior to cutting the lugs off. It seemed very strange holding the wrapped up unit with one hand on the bench and attacking it with a hack saw in the other hand ….. nervously being very careful not to saw or scratch any part that would damage it or be visible.

16:9 head unit prior to lugs being cut

Initially the unit would not slide all the way into position so I removed more of the top lugs but it turned out it was the inner dash that needed a bit of trimming …… again being very careful not to trim/ cut through any wiring.