BM54 Radio Tuner for the MG ZT

Screen display showing list of available stations within range

I fitted a BM54 radio tuner to replace the original box in the boot wheel well. This is the tuner from the BMW series 3 or aka e46. The original worked OK but I was keen to get a Bluetooth connection which is possible by this upgrade.

This is the bm54 box I got

An adapter is required which I bought via Aliexpress but the original holder for the new unit has to be modified to take the slightly larger box. My modification turned out to be a bit of a botch so I later replaced it with a bracket from a later car that fits the new box.

BM54 in place with need holder and adapter

It has the immediate benefit of better sound quality – so they say – but not being a great music listener I haven’t really noticed. It also displays a list of stations that are currently within pickup range and I now get traffic updates that can be useful.

The replacement larger holder

I have 2 choices to get the Bluetooth connection – 1. to get the new BM54 box fitted with an aux adapter / Bluetooth by sending it away to a specialist or 2. to fit another adapter that adds a Bluetooth connection but that looses the CD changer.

The adapter

Or alternatively fit the bmw ULF telephone set up ……. another project

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