Waxoyl the Rear Subframe

Whilst at Austin Garages a couple of months ago Nick noted I had waxoyled most of the underside of the car but told me that the place most susceptable to corrosion is the tubular cross bar.

One of the 3 forward facing holes

There are 3 small 6mm holes in the tube facing the front made during manufacture and located in the most prone place to collect water and salt that then gets inside the tube causing it to rust from the inside. This part of the subframe often looks good from the outside until it trusts through from the inside!!

Waxoyl injection into the centre hole

A good bit of advice which I have now got done together with removing the jacking pads on the sills and waxoyling inside them as well.

After getting some feedback on waxoyling the rear subframe there are some recommendations to drill drain holes in the tube ….. which I think I will put on my job list.

My previous visit to Austins Garage …… https://mgzt.info/2021/08/22/under-the-car-at-austin-garages-mg-zt-260-rear-suspension/