TOAF diagnostics tool for the MG ZT and Rover 75

The generally used Testbook T4 produced by Omitec was specially designed software to diagnose and configure MGR cars. The T4 can do almost all things with 75 and ZT , but TOAF claims to do more because it is able to change some hidden options and is not dependant from any procedures like T4. So TOAF software for the 75 and ZT will be able to diagnose modules like Engine ECU, light switch module (LSM), BCU (GM6), immobiliser (EWS), Brake module (ABS), Instrument cluster (IPK), climate control module (ATC), Airbag module (SRS) and others.

The above is taken from the TOAF website and it’s software seems to be pretty well proven …….. but I would suggest taking care if using on the V8s as there are differences especially the engine ecu. I have downloaded the software onto an old laptop and have the connections to the car ….. but yet to try it out. I have read on the forums where V8 owners have used the TOAF but with varying amounts of success.

More info at ……

You can also download a mobile phone version – which ever methods you use you will still need the diagnostics connector which are relatively cheap

I met a Rover 75 owner at the Triumph & MG show this year who regularly used the software on his V6 and was very impressed! Would appreciate any comments from anyone who has used this software on their V8.

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