Steering Wheel Rotary Coupler

When I fitted the new steering wheel controls which didn’t cure the problem that I had lost the connection to control the radio from the remote steering wheel controls.

As per a previous post I had checked that the interface for the radio was working ok so the next stage is to replace the rotary coupler. This is the gadget that keeps the wiring in the steering wheel connected whilst it turns which I guess eventually may fail due to fatigue with the continual turning of the steering wheel.

After disconnecting the battery and removing the steering wheel i noted that the indicator on the original coupler wasn’t showing as centrally located? …… which may have caused the unit to fail or as a result of it failing? I replaced it and refitted the steering wheel …… and all works again.

A straight forward job as the wheel is not located on a tapered spline which can make it difficult to remove – it is a straight spline so after removing the central fixing nut it is easy to remove.