Fitting MG7 Mudflaps to the mk1 Rover 75 / MG ZT

The MG7 is the car that the Chinese first produced after MG Rover closed down – it was basically a copy of the mk1 Rover 75 / MG ZT. So these MG7 mudflaps are moulded and shaped only to fit well on the mk1 Rover 75 and MG ZT saloon cars – they will not fit the facelift / mk2 rover75 / mk2 MG ZT cars..

MG ZT mudflaps
Rear Mudguards

In comparison these mudflaps are quite a bit smaller than the original MG Rover mudflaps making them easier to fit and in my opinion look better (more like large spats than the original MG Rover more bulky full size mudflaps) – and certainly less likely to catch on kerbs and speed bumps but still protecting the bodywork from road grit being kicked up from the tyres.

Find them on AliExpress

Fitting them is easy but you have to remove the rear wheels to fit the rear flaps but access to fit the front mudflaps is sufficient by jacking up and putting the steering into full lock each way.

Contoured mudflaps
Contoured front and rear mudflaps

Although the kit comes with various fittings I found that the easiest were the large self tapping screws and only using 2 of the 3 holes on each mudflap – the top and middle holes are quite sufficient to firmly hold each flap. The 3rd hole tends to line up with the thin flexible wheel arch covers so do not provide any extra strength. There are 8 of these screws provided in the kit, 2 for each mudflap.

Position each of the rear flaps so the contours match with the body and drill a 2mm hole through the top and middle location holes into the plastic body panels for the self tapping screws to fit. The contour lines between the flaps and body are not perfect but good.

Mg7 mudflaps
Front mudflaps fitted

For the front mudflaps line up each flap with the contours of the body and again drill 2mm holes into the body for the screws to fix info the top and middle mudflaps holes – leave the original plastic sill end caps in place (the mudflaps will fit over these).

I then painted over the screw heads to protect them from rust which completed the job. Quite a quick job – the most care is to ensure you are holding each flap correctly in line with the contours of the bodywork when you drill the 2mm fixing holes.



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