Boot Lid Warning Triangle

After getting hold of an accessories brochure I spotted that this option was at one time available. Seems a sensible place to keep the warning triangle. Easy to get to if the boot is full of luggage.

These are very rare and difficult to get hold of one. After some research it would seem that the triangle and it’s holder are shared with other German makes of car like the VW – which is then mounted on an adapter plate to fit on that boot lid.

I bought the triangle and it’s holder from eBay and a sheet of aluminium to make the adapter plate.

It is a pretty straight forward adapter plate – measured up the boot lid mounting holes (that require 8mm square screw grommets) and the holder and made up the plate.

Prime and painted it, put it all together and fitted it to the boot. Looks good and pleased with the finished article.

If anyone is interested the measurements to make the adapter plate are shown below.