Manual Rear Sunblind Instructios

I fitted a sunblind in the back window. It was a manual one rather than electric mainly because it’s so much easier to fit and does not require cutting into the rear shelf or any electrics. I bought it via ebay and was lacking some of the instructions which I found on the internet.

It was fitted in less than half an hour and that was taking it slowly. I guess the trickiest part was drilling two 5mm holes into the hard side lining each side of the window – but so long as the template is positioned correctly all ok. If for any reason you don’t have the template then so long as you know how the top brackets are orientated you should be able to work it out.

After now having or installed I realise that it’s the type of thing that goes up in summer and down in winter – perhaps stays up all year – so really not worth the time and effort installing an electric blind version.