Fitting Illuminated Sunvisors

Not that I look on the vanity mirror a lot but it was the first thing the wife noticed and was not impressed. Project Drive had removed the lights and the mirror on the drivers side. Anyway when a pair of the correct colour came up on eBay I bought them as they are supposed to be an easy fit.

Illuminated Sunvisor
Completed Job

The wiring for them is wrapped and taped up in the corners by the door pillar under the dash. Passenger side was easy to find but the drivers side was well hidden and that side needs lengthening to reach the visor connection.

Sunvisor loom
Above the bonnet lever is where I found the loom

I had to remove the trim on the drivers side to get to the taped up loom.

Wiring path
Feeding the wire up

Pull off the door rubbers above the dash to the sunvisors then feed the wires along the door pillar under the roof lining. I had to gently insert a thin blade to make a gap to feed a wire from the Sunvisor hole to the edges and then pull the loom through.

Wire in position
Got there

The thin loom wire is then looped into the hole after connecting up the the visor – it does not feed up through the hole ……. It’s a lot easier than I am making it sound!

Illuminated Sunvisor
Sunvisor fitted

Job done but the lights are very dim – next job to fit some brighter LED bulbs.