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A recent auction for an MG ZT 260


What do you get if you cross the body of a Rover 75 with a bit of a facelift, add a Ford Mustang 4.6 V8 and throw all of the power at the back wheels…. An MG ZT, that’s what!
The MG ZT was MG’s answer to building a monster version of the Rover 75. They wanted something that sounded the part at the back end but was also capable of achieving respectable 0-60 times. The Ford 4.6 Litre V8 was chosen as the power plant and it produces 252 BHP with 410 lb ft of torque taking the normally sedate 75 to a 0-60 sprint time of 6.2 Seconds and if you let it, on to 155MPH.
Delivering this power to the rear instead of the Rover 75’s normal FWD format at first might seem a lot of hard work, but MG states that actually, it wasn’t too difficult. The under belly of the 75 floor plan has a decent tunnel running front to back as part of its design to be a stiff chassis so fitting a prop that delivered the oomph to a Dana Hydratrak Limited Slip Differential at the rear wasn’t too taxing a change to envisage. Bolt on some bigger brakes from AP and some motorsport derived engineering from Pro-Drive and it all came together nicely.
They had to quieten the voice a tad on the V8 to pass UK sound limit rules and added some luxurious seats and a few other toys on the inside to refine it. It’s one of the fastest 4 door MG models ever to hit the streets and boy does it shout about it.

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