Handbrake Cable Compensater Mod

The handbrake on the MG had never been good – although up to mot standard it is no way as good as the handbrake on my 1975 MGB.

Top item is the new compensater the bottom is the original item.

It is recommended on many of the ZT forums is to fit the Mini R53 compensater in place of the original compensater located between the handbrake lever and connects to the handbrake cables.

Wood used to prop the rear carpet to get access to the compensater cover located under the carpet.

I bought the part a while ago and been waiting for a convenient time to fit. Although a fiddly and awkward job it didn’t take as long as I thought – about 3 to 4 hours taking it steady.

Better access by removing the console tray.

I followed the excellent detailed instructions with photographs that can be downloaded from the

https://the75andztclub.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?p=1360646The 75 and zt club

The most awkward part is bending a lug on the bottom of the handbrake lever quadrant. The instructions suggest access from under the centre console – I found it easier getting at it from the handbrake gaitor hole with the lever pointing as vertical as poss and using a long screwdriver to get into the lug and twist it open.

The dreaded lug seen through the handbrake gaitor hole.

Also removing the tray in the console gives better access to working in a very confined area.

But job done and after removing the rear wheels and checking the rear shoes are adjusted correctly there is some considerable improvement but not as much as I was hoping so I am going to replace the brake shoes in the rear wheel hubs later in the year.

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