Leak Proofing – Boot Area

The MG ZT is notorious for leaks as they start to age and although my low mileage example had no leaks yet …… but I want to do some preventative maintenance to make sure I don’t get any leaks.

Apart from causing damp and corrosion water leaks can cause a lot of damage to electrical components. In the boot area water can accumulate in the spare wheel floor recess damaging components located in there – also rotting the wooden base of the boot carpet.

Removing the inner boot side panel exposes 5 potential leak areas.

1. The body seam joint below the corners of the rear window in the boot lid recess.

2. The two waistline trim fasteners can leak water out they were not fitted correctly.

3. The rear light cluster gasket which the originals had a joint that is a potential leak area. Replacements are one piece with no joint.

4. The joint around the boot vent can leak.

5. The sunroof rear drain pipes.

6. The boot lid rubber seal (not marked on the picture).

7. (not marked) the boot lid rubber seal can leak when aging. Water can also capillarise around the inside of the seal so a thin smear of sealant around the seal should it sort.

More posts as a tackle each of these areas.

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