MG ZT Windscreen Jet to Spray Washer Conversion

The bmw spray nozzle

After reading on one of the forums where BMW spray jets had been fitted to the ZT instead of the original jet sprays. I was used to the effectiveness of the spray nozzles on my Discovery Sport so thought worth a try.

The original MG ZT jet nozzle
Original from underneath – water connections pointing inwards.

Bought a couple via ebay – make sure they are heated with the wiring. On first inspection I noticed that the water tubes are angled differently which meant I had to get some longer water tubes to make the new connections. So ordered a metre length of 5mm ID black rubber tube.

BMW from underneath – water connections pointing rearwards. Hence longer water tubes required.

Once I got the parts it’s a pretty straight forward job. The nozzles simply clip out and just repositioning the water tube, replugging in the heater wiring and job done ….. basically “plug and play”.

The spray nozzles fitted with longer rubber pipework

The spray works ok it covers the lower half of the screen but is soon spread to the whole screen with the wipers. Will not get rid of the originals in case I change my mind.

The Mk3 Ford Focus spray nozzles fit as well but require mods to heater wiring to fit ie.remove the plug/socket and hard wire connect.