Fitting New Auxillary Belt

The Auxiliary Belt kit includes the idler pulleys and tensioner.

I’ve been waiting for an improvement in the weather to replace the auxiliary belt (or serpentine belt as it’s also known as). I was reliably informed by a member of the 260 forum that it is a quick and straight forward job …… and they were right.

I ordered the kit from America and it arrived in just a few days. It included the belt, idler pulleys and tensioner.

New parts next to old
Old parts removed

Basically all you need is a 3/8″ square ratchet to release the tensioner and a couple of spanners. I re torqued the bolts on refitting to 25Nm. You need to make sure the surface behind the tensioner is clean. Checked I had refitted the belt correctly ……. and job done!

New parts fitted

See my previous post about buying the Serpentine belt at

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