my MG ZT Saga of getting a Replacement key

The car only came with one key which i was a bit concerned about. Considering I had bought the car via the auctions the thought goes through your mind in case anyone had got the key and had some evil intent!! I had the previous owners telephone number so called him to ask – amongst many other questions – whether he still had the key. He told me that he had never had a second key since buying it in 2006 – so fears alaid.

Through one of the ZT forums there was someone who could cut the key and programme a fob to attach to the key …… but it meant a 100+ mile journey each way to programme the key to the car. But it was not a key with a built in remote but a separate fob attached to the key ring.

As an alternative I contacted MG OBSESSION based in Swadlincote which is about 10 miles away who could get a pre programmed key direct from BMW and post it to me. They just needed the VIN no and £150!!…. and they would de programme the lost key and switch on some of the programmable options in the car controls via their T4 machine.

The key arrived and i went to Swadlincote to collect but unfortunately the remote function couldn’t be programmed to work. To solve the problem it was suggested I contact AUSTIN GARAGES near Burton on Trent. They worked out that the suppliers had sent a key with the wrong remote frequency which would obviously not connect to the car.

MG OBSESSION are no doubt experts in the MGF but AUSTIN GARAGES are the experts in MG ZTs …… and I have an MG ZT!

So after another trip to Swadlincote after a wait for the correct key to arrive and then to Burton on Trent to programme it I now have 3 keys instead of just the original “one” ….. they cost a lot in miles but i got there in the end!