my MG ZT Saga of getting a Replacement key

The car only came with one key which i was a bit concerned about. Considering I had bought the car via the auctions the thought goes through your mind in case anyone had got the key and had some evil intent!! I had the previous owners telephone number so called him to ask – amongst many other questions – whether he still had the key. He told me that he had never had a second key since buying it in 2006 – so fears alaid.

Through one of the ZT forums there was someone who could cut the key and programme a fob to attach to the key …… but it meant a 100+ mile journey each way to programme the key to the car. But it was not a key with a built in remote but a separate fob attached to the key ring.

As an alternative I contacted MG OBSESSION based in Swadlincote which is about 10 miles away who could get a pre programmed key direct from BMW and post it to me. They just needed the VIN no and £150!!…. and they would de programme the lost key and switch on some of the programmable options in the car controls via their T4 machine.

The key arrived and i went to Swadlincote to collect but unfortunately the remote function couldn’t be programmed to work. To solve the problem it was suggested I contact AUSTIN GARAGES near Burton on Trent. They worked out that the suppliers had sent a key with the wrong remote frequency which would obviously not connect to the car. They had supplied a 315MHz key …. UK cars require a 433 MHz key.

MG OBSESSION are no doubt experts in the MGF but AUSTIN GARAGES are the experts in MG ZTs …… and I have an MG ZT!

So after another trip to Swadlincote after a wait for the correct key to arrive and then to Burton on Trent to programme it I now have 3 keys instead of just the original “one” ….. it cost me a lot in miles but i got there in the end!