Replacement Engine Mountings

Since I’ve had the car I have been disappointed with noise levels during hard acceleration – the” drone/ resonance” noise throughout the car. I took it to Austin Garages near Burton on Trent a few weeks ago for Nick the proprietor to take a look and give his opinion.

New engine mountings in place

He gave the car a good look over top and bottom and it was his opinion that the problem was failed engine mountings …… but these engine mountings are no longer available!! BUT he has a solution by using and modifying those from a Jaguar – the only downside is that these are special hydraulic mountings and so is an expensive option …. and he couldn’t really guarantee that this would be the solution. So being a V8 owner and now accepting the fact that some parts can be expensive I got booked in.

Old engine mountings

When the time came Nick had managed to get some original made mountings which required no mods so about an hours worth of labour were fitted. Also Nick spotted a couple of other problems with the under cover mountings and engine management light which were quickly rectified. I guess I paid no more than I would have paid for a similar job to be done on my Discovery Sport (now up for sale) at the Land Rover main dealers.

Anyway the drive home was like being in a totally different car – noise levels dropped considerably, now I can only hear the genuine “roar” from the rear of the car when I accelerate hard. Overall very pleased with the result. I highly recommend Austin Garages.