Fuel Cap Cord Repair

When I got the car the fuel cap cord had broken making it a bit tricky finding a convenient spot to put the cap whilst filling the car with fuel. The end that fixes to the body had deteriorated and crumbling. The photo above shows how I joined the two halves together – one half of the original piece that was left to a new piece to replace the deteriorated half.

I found a bmw cord that looked the same but when it arrived I could see that it had the correct body fixing but the end that fixes to the cap was too small and did not hold the weight of the cap!

The only option was to join the two correct halves together.

So with some rubber glue and a shrinkable wire collar I put the two halves together. Plenty of glue in the collar, pushed each of the ends into the collar. Gently heated the collar so it shrank over the ends and then left somewhere warm for the glue to dry.

After posting this on one of the Facebook groups it was pointed out to me that the above is where you are supposed to place the petrol cap whilst filling with fuel! ……. well at least the cord is repaired.