Clutch Reservoir Flush

At a recent visit to Austin Garages it was suggested – amongst other things – that I should refresh the fluid in the clutch reservoir as it was looking very black. This would prevent any of the muck and crud that had collected in the bottom of the reservoir going down into the master and slave cylinders.

This gave me the opportunity to use the pneumatic bleeder I bought to do the dreaded clutch bleeding on my MGB.

So a pretty easy job with this bit of kit. Simply plug one end into the air supply and the other sucks the fluid from the clutch reservoir and deposits it into its holding bottle.

There was a lot of crud in the bottom of the of the reservoir which easily got sucked up and deposited into the bottle. Then refilled the reservoir with fresh DOT4.

Ideally you need to fully refill and bleed the whole system but this is better than not at all until I can get round to that.

Anyway job done ……. certainly I difference in the colour of fluid in the reservoir from when I started.