In Car TV Working

When I got the car the Highline video box had been disconnected as it was faulty. Rather than replace it with the same analogue box which would not puck up any digital tv channels I bought a digital box so that the tv would work …….. cost a lot more though!!

When the box arrived it was just a simple matter of “plug and play” which it was. The screen came on so not only I had the tv I got the sat nav working and I could set up the sound system.

Initially the screen was very dull and I was concerned that there was a fault with the screen …… but after looking around the online forums I found instructions how to adjust the screen brightness.

The new digital tv box

The tv is not brilliant and limited on channels – I seem to get different channels available in different local locations.

I’m afraid it would have annoyed me to see “Television” displayed on the screen menu and knowing it didn’t work! …… so overall very pleased with the result.