Throttle Cable Adjustment!

Having lubricated the throttle cable to take away the “sticking” I checked whether I was getting the full throttle opening when my foot was down to the floor which still had a good 15mm to go before hitting the stop on the throttle body.

Looking up to the top of the accelerator pedal

There is no obvious adjustment to take up this slack so I used a rubber washer about 3mm thick to add a little more packing where the cable attaches to the foot pedal. I put a slit in it to slot around the cable at the top of the foot pedal ……. which did the trick.

I guess an alternative solution is to modify the throttle cable support on the throttle body by slotting the 2 mounting holes …… it only needs about 3mm. Surprised there was no adjustment built into the throttle mechanism.

NB this is on a V8 – other variants may be different