Spark Plug Replacement

Open spark plug recesses protected with tissues

Changed the spark plugs today which for the 5-8 cylinders is pretty straight forward 1-4 a bit more tricky due to restricted access of various pipework and fittings. I had to modify the UJ of my socket set to get into no4 spark plug recess.

Following the procedure provided on the 260 forum I laid all the plugs and COPs out carefully on a table to make sure they went back in the same order – apart from the plugs.

The new Iridium plug

I took all the plugs out and covered the plug recessed with a tissue to prevent any ingress of muck as i was going to do a compression test at the same time but the tester could not get down the deep spark plug recess hole. The spark plugs all looked a good colour with no signs to be concerned about.

The modified thinner uj socket

I was initially surprised at the spark plug gap of the original Motorcraft plugs of 50+ thou but that is correct – i replaced them with Iridium plugs from Bosch.