Coolant flush and Antifreeze

Well after my previous post where I tested the antifreeze to find it zero and topped it up with the wrong solution – as advised by a 260 forum member – I thought to get the correct type of antifreeze in asap. Read …..

Ordered on Amazon and delivered 24 hours later – it was a fine day so got on with the job.

Removed the top and bottom radiator hoses to drain and flush through with a fresh water house pipe. Reconnected everything, added 4 litres of the new antifreeze and topped up with water. I noted the amount of water I added. The system holds about 12 litres in total so I know how much I’m adding to work out how much more will need to be topped up during the next few journeys.

I am aiming for a 33% solution of antifreeze in the system which should give good corrosion protection as well as from any freezing.