Accelerator Cable Lubrication

One of the niggles i have with the car is a sticky accelerator. The throttle valve moves smoothly from shut position and the pedal moves smoothly as well so like as suggested by a member on the 260 forum I need to oil the throttle cable.

I unhooked the cable from the throttle valve and released it from its support bracket taking care not to lose the spring clip. I found a short length of hose which fitted well with a circlip around the top of the throttle cable, hung it up and filled it with light oil. I left it for a about 2 hours agitating the inner cable up and down regularly.

I noticed that the cable wasn’t taking the most direct route and having quite a bit of a U bend around some pipework which certainly wouldn’t have helped so i straightened it up on reassembly.

Success and a nice smooth accelerator pedal …….. although I’m warned this may not last.