Testing for Antifreeze

Having only had the car a week or two and the weather getting considerably colder as we head towards winter i thought it would be wise to check the antifreeze in the engine coolant.

The cheaper antifreeze last a couple of years the more expensive ones up to 5 years so knowing the car hasn’t done a lot over the last few years then definitely time to check.

As suspected i got a zero reading on the tester so not much protection against the coming cold weather. The engine holds 12 litres so to get at least 25% mix I needed to make space for 3 litres.

The easiest way to eject some water was to disconnect a small pipe going into the header tank and blowing into it …… the water had to go somewhere as the air went in and so it did out the top of the header tank.

The tester gadget

Topped up with antifreeze, went for a run and then later that day – when the system had de-pressurised – tested it again and all ok – a 25% reading.

Later on I will do a proper job of fully draining the system and flushing it through with fresh water and adding a higher concentration of antifreeze as recommended in the handboook …… but for now I just need to make sure I have the engine protected against the imminent freezing temperatures.