Plenum Drain Check

One of the things that is highly recommended for all new ZT owners of any model is to check that the plenum drain is not blocked.

First thing I had to find out was “what is and where is the plenum!!” Well it’s that chamber that sits between the engine compartment and cockpit – usually the section below the windscreen with all the vents in it.

I followed a YouTube how to remove the vents and look inside the plenum chamber …. Search for “plenum drain mg zt”.

Plenum drain tube exit circled – located just above the exhaust manifold flange.

When i found the drain it was clear and the whole area clear of rubbish/leaves etc. I poked a stiff wire down the whole to check it was not blocked. I have circled the drain and the exit pipe in the pictures.

Looking down on the plenum drain hole circled – pollen filter to the right

There’s also a similar drain on the other side but not as easily visible. The drain tube exit can be seen in a similar position on the other side. It may be easier to poke something up it from beneath to check it is clear.

Ideally you need to find a way to prevent leaves and debris finding there way into the plenum chamber in the first place.