Power Fold Mirrors

I spotted on eBay someone selling a pair of power fold mirrors, switch and loom. So i investigated what was involved to fit them.

The switch is required to replace your existing switch as there is an extra button to operate the mirrors. The loom is to replace your existing loom as extra wires are required.

Some cars that are not fitted with the power fold mirrors have the loom with extra wires already installed. To check this you need to remove the switch by carefully prising it out and looking at the larger plug. If all holes have a wire then it is the loom required – if 2 holes are empty then you will need the appropriate loom.

If you decide to replace the loom you need to be aware that not only you need to remove the door card but the whole door needs to be removed as well to access inside the rubber cover on the door pillar.

Think I’ll stick with the existing manual fold option.