all about MG ZT and Rover 75 cars

This “blog” contains information, motoring news and reviews, modifications and maintenance, repairs and servicing the MG ZT and Rover 75 which are now fast becoming future classic cars – especially the V6 and V8s. It is a collection of articles I find around the Internet with a link back to the original source as an acknowledgement. There is an index to all the information at the bottom of each page.

my MG ZT 260
my MG ZT motor

Whereas I initially started this blog to collect articles of interest about the cars whilst looking for my MGZT as being a convenient way to store and refer back to them. I now use this blog as a reference and an easy way to find and store useful information about the car and articles that I might need to read and refer back to again – hopefully a source of useful information to other MG ZT and Rover 75 owners.

MGZT car auction
my car which i bought on an online auction

As well as adding more posts, news, reviews and information about the MG ZT there is also updates on the repairs, mods and maintenance, servicing and diy modifications to my own MGZT which I bought from a car auction. I have also included relevant stuff about the Ford Mustang engine which is fitted to the 260 V8.

my MGZT at home
my car now driven back home from the auction house

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Please remember I cannot be responsible for any repairs or work you do based on posts in this blog ……… remember to only carry out work where you are competent and able to carry out the work safely.

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