Bonnet Release Cable Junction Box

My first little job I’ve done on the ZT today. I noted that one of the invoices that came with the car was for a new bonnet cable including the cost of opening the bonnet via the wheel arch. This was a few years ago but a felt the bonnet catch was very stiff and not a positive pull. On the left side of the engine compartment is a junction box where the single cable connects to the two cables to each of the two bonnet catches.

It looked loose and as soon as I touched it it fell away from its mounting and the cable came away from the box …… thank goodness the bonnet was open.

The box had hardened with age and the clips had lost their “springyness” that holds it in place.

So i drilled 2 small holes in the cover to thread a cable tie through and around the bonnet cable to hold it in the box. Also placed a clip to stop the cable slipping out if the cable tie fails and then a longer cable tie through a convenient hole and around the box holding it firmly in place on its mounting surface.

Before fitting the box back in place squirted a bit of lithium grease inside the box and also on the bonnet latches as well.

So hopefully a good job done …… just in time!

Update:- since joining the 260s forum they described a better way of solving the problem. Although what i did cure the problem i have since modified it the way they described.